For those who love to tinker with their Teslas.

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Our products are developed by Tesla enthusiasts that have years of experience in tinkering with Tesla cars. From integrating into the CAN bus for simple commands to fully retrofitting newer  hardware  on older Model S/X cars, we have done it all. Our passion drives us to develop better products.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all the great work that you have done on OP. I have been following the progress of the AP1/Comma2/OPversion 0.8 development. It’s truly amazing what you have done. Once again thank you!

Open Pilot user
Tesla Model S 2013

Hi Bog. First i wanna thank you for all your hard work making op great. It works really nice. Wow. Secondly I wanted to tell you I ordered and installed your latest product, TB, and it is amazing. You really do create magic on the CAN bus.

Open Pilot and Tinkla Buddy user
Tesla Model S 2014

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Chief Tinkerer

In early 2018 I got involved with the OpenPilot project. The more I got involved, the deeper I wanted to integrate OpenPilot with my Tesla Model S for a better experience. Today, by just looking at the instrument cluster (IC) or the center instrument display (CID) you would not know if the car is equipped with the Tesla original AutoPilot (AP1) or with our version of OpenPilot for Tesla.